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TOPIC: getting into networking

getting into networking 12 years 3 months ago #26551

i am new to this site and this also is a complete new concept for me.never have i indulged into such kind of activities/i am serious abt life now n wud require some suggestion.i am planning to get into networking.have enrolled myself and planning to start with CCNA. although i dont have a good educational background where according to you wud i stand in the difficult wud it b for me to survive.

Re: getting into networking 12 years 3 months ago #26557

Welcome sharefree.
CCNA is a good place to start, although if you're worried about coping with it academically you could do something like the CompTIA Network + first.
The two things you will need are 1) certifications/qualifications - these give you credibility and get you interviews and openings, and 2) experience - this is where you learn to apply the knowledge to actually do the job and is what makes you useful and desirable.
To get experience simply do as much practical stuff as you can. Set up your own network at home, rebuild your PC, do voluntary work for some group or organisation (particularly where you can learn something while doing it or you can pump more experienced workers) or take an entry-level job for a while as a stepping stone to greater things. As you gain experience and do things, start to build up a portfolio that documents all you've done. This can be really useful to convince an employer to give you that all-important first chance or step up the ladder. If you are enthusiastic and eager to develop your skills it will show and you will succeed

Re: getting into networking 12 years 3 months ago #26561

My two pence worth...

I setup my own network at home running *nix and windows boxes.

Built an iptable firewall for my adsl broadband proctecting my internal pc's. I made use of DMZ, Wireless acces to experiment hosting servers and sharing resources for my wireless devices and other pc's. If your ISP assigns you IP automatically (DHCP) every now and again, make use of dyndns. ( gives free domain to start with).

Tinker with operating systems, softwares and other devices which you can get your hands on. Being able to install operating systems and connecting to your network, sharing resources like printers, hard drives is always one step ahead everytime, as you do this consider making them secure.

This case you will learn alot. Do not worry when you crash your operating systems, put back the install disc in again and do a clean install or try restoring using every possible method out there, and DON'T forget the good old advice - "always have a backup".

Read and read again documents that comes your way. Let google be your 'friend'. (well there are other search engines if I may say).

Last but not the least of course, this website has great information/documentation that is enough to quench your thirst for networking materials.

Good Luck!
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