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TOPIC: CCNA Newbie (Need Advice for CCNA exam) - NO EXPERIENCE!

CCNA Newbie (Need Advice for CCNA exam) - NO EXPERIENCE! 13 years 9 months ago #18753

Hi goodmorning,

im new here. i just graduated in computer engineering course. i've been a thru a lot of job interviews this month...sad to say i got failed :? the reason why is that i dont have much knowledge and experience in Windows Network and most especially in CISCO.

yes i've completed the CCNA academy program in our school. but what do you expect? way back in my college life what i think of is only FUN, ADVENTURES, and tender loving GIRLS :D

now, i want to get focus and study more this time. i went to testing center and scheduled myself to take CCNA exam this February 14, 2007. and MCP exam Windows XP this January 10, 2007.

Do you have a chance to passed the exam with this minimum period of time? :roll:

flame me now whatever you want ... just add a little advice what will i do and where i gonna start for my CCNA review :cry:

can i pass the exam without actual hands on experience in CISCO equipments? just all simulations... i cant afford to buy equipments and enroll myself again especially in boot camps :twisted:

again...seriously....advice me pls... :cry:

Re: CCNA Newbie (Need Advice for CCNA exam) - NO EXPERIENCE! 13 years 9 months ago #18778

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Although I haven't personally taken the CCNA exam, my brother has and his view was that any one sufficiently well experienced in networking could pass the exam by going through the material and using simulations. You don't claim to have any significant networking experience, so I think you're cutting it fine scheduling an exam within 1 month.

Re: CCNA Newbie (Need Advice for CCNA exam) - NO EXPERIENCE! 13 years 9 months ago #18782

It really depends on how much of the Academy has stuck in our memory.

I wouldn't like to recomend doing the network+ until you go through the ccna books again and see what you have remembered. It also depends on how quickly you can fill in any gaps in your knowledge.

Combining both those exams into such a short space of time might be a llittle tricky and you would really have to study hard especially for the CCNA. CCNA isn't for the feint hearted as a great many CCNA failures (and lost money) will testify.

However, CCNA can be done without hands on to actual equipment but you would be advised to at least use a simulator a lot especially when it comes to simulator and trouble shooting questions on the exam. Think of it this way, with little hands on, these questions will use up more of the valuable allotted time. This is time that should really be spent in other questions all because you have relatively little hands on. Not only that, with no hands on how would you expect someone to give you a network job ?

Re: CCNA Newbie (Need Advice for CCNA exam) - NO EXPERIENCE! 13 years 9 months ago #18805

the reason why i scheduled my self for the exam is that to get focus and feel the pressure :x i just finished reading chapter one Sybex 5th edition. and yes...a lot of confusion right now.

I have a little background with regards to networking. but i went thru a lot of network setup and troubleshooting. the only problem is that i still cant memorize it all :cry: such as the combination of straight thru and crossover cable :roll: but i know how to apply and whats the use of it...

I know CCNA exam is not that easy, and I know it needs actual experience. My objective on why I would like to get this cert is to prove myself that I got the potential to work in real job.

Most of the company requires a 2 years exp...etc. etc. how would I compete myself to this? from the mean time I will focus myself in studying the field that i really love to have someday...

i already printed Tons of Ebook :| makes my eyes Dizzy 8) well, i believe that Success is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration. anyway, as long as i have with me i wont get into trouble.... I just hope i could get help to you guys, in case i dont understand the material anymore... :lol:

Don't stress 13 years 9 months ago #18909

I was searching for a job about a year ago, and I remember it's a more-or-less difficult time... you get to be sitting at home waiting, trying to improve your CV, searching for offers, and most of all, thinking more than enough about "what you can/could do"... in reality, it´s not your decision, or your own responsability if someone picks you for an intervew/job, it's the intervewer pick. That is, don't put the responsability only in your shoulders, because it is not yours, it's of the persons that make the selection to interviews (and sometimes, as everything in this world, people just aren't perfect, and it could most probably happen, that there were a perfect job opportunity, you being the perfect candidate, but the person in charge of the selection just didn't see it...

So, meanwhile don't think too much, keep sending CVs, thinking about your future, and enjoy the available time that you still posses (shortly, when they call you and you start working, you will miss that precious time... that's unfortunately true...)

As for having NO EXPERIENCE, well that's just normal. Everyone starts from there. And with you it's happening the same. Don't worry, keep sending CVs, and you will see, that sooner or later you will be working ang gaining that experience. It's that simple.

P.S. I'm also studying for the CCNA with Sybex 5th edition. I've finished the first chapter yesterday, and I must recognize: I studied Telecommunications Engeneering, and already knew some parts, but if I didn't, I could'nt understand many concepts that were just named from a start, without introduction... Still hope it will get more clear in the next chapters...

Salute, sspring88

Re: CCNA Newbie (Need Advice for CCNA exam) - NO EXPERIENCE! 13 years 9 months ago #18929

You said it very well my friend, yes you're right that all of us starts with no experience at all. and the only way to improve ourselves is to study and learn (which I didn't do before) at least I already finished chapter two of Sybex book... and been studying awhile in Windows XP Pro. and next week I will be handling seminar in my previous school, I'll be their Speaker & Trainer 8).

I will just keep visiting for my question about CCNA... For the meantime, I now realize that it is not too late...yes, I'm one of those naugthy students who only think about GIRLS :oops: hehehe

I must focus from now...coz my examination date is getting closer... i don't wanna waste my money for nothing....

wish my Goodluck :wink:
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