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TOPIC: The First Interview

The First Interview 12 years 7 months ago #15590

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Hello everyone.

I asked this question in another area but didn't get that much response.

I'm trying again here, please - I need to hear your experiences.

I've just completed my Cisco Academy Network Program and I'm going to be going on a whole load of interviews. I'm very worried. :(

What kind of questions did you get at your interviews?

Is it good to answer question in a interview short and snappy?

Or should you go into detail?


Re: The First Interview 12 years 7 months ago #15591

Hey asab,
the interview process is very complicated and one of the most important that you go through.
It is your time to prove to the interviewer that what you state in your CV are true and to persuade him that you are the person for the job.
I don't want to answer your question directly and instead I will give you some tips that I've found useful.
First of all try to be relaxed and confident, if you feel very anxious (since these are your first interviews) let the interviewer(s) know it by stating it.
Always have eye contact but try not to stare, you want them to understand that you are listening and are interested.
When the interviewer(s) speaks react to what he/she is saying, let them see what you're thinking about.
Wait for your turn to speak and ask about details for the job and the company.
Be well prepared and know details about the company, how long it has been running, what is their business, etc.
And on to your question, I believe that a complete brief responce is the best.

Hope that I helped and if I think of something else I'll post


Re: The First Interview 12 years 7 months ago #15593

Main thing...... Be Honest!

Everyone exagerates on their CV and it's pretty much taken for granted. However, exageration is not the same as untruth. Finding that someone has fibbed on their cv in an interview feels awfull not only for the candidate. Typically there is no coming back from it.

Explain where you are coming from. If this is to be your first network job... let them know it but how well motivated you are to learn and how good an investment it would turn out to be for them.

Just know your stuff when you get to interview. If you are asked something you are not sure about, don't blag it. Say you are unsure and give it your best geuss.

It's not going to be easy getting your first job. Once your in though, give it a couple of years with 'bums on seat', your sorted for life.

Another big thing about interviews is being prepared for rejection. Every job has many applicants and they cannot all get it. Many don't get selected for whatever reason. Maybe someone more qualified got the job or someone with more experience or just maybe you were just a little too nervous and the real you didn't come across in the interview.

Just try to calm yourself down and relax and be yourself (but polite) and try not to over answer questions. Don't go on and on when a short answer will do. If you come across as friendly and confident in both yourself and your knowledge you will do fine.

If you don't get picked, don't beat yourself up over it. It happens to us all... There are many, many jobs out there. Just keep plugging away and fine tuning your interview technique as you go.

Good Luck

Re: The First Interview 12 years 7 months ago #15600

I am also interested to know how should I face the interview board. Plz guys share some of your recent experiences. Thanks in advance for your feedback.

Re: The First Interview 12 years 6 months ago #15755

All interview tips given above are true.
My friend got rejected from nortel coz he asked for list of holidays in H.R round.
Apart from technical knowledge,thay test your honesty,like i remember i was asked from where do i purchase porn movies in flextronics.
Remember an interviewer can recognise you and your abality in first few words you speak coz he has encountered thousands of people like you.Never try to fool him.
My technical round streach was 1 and a half hour.They literally squeezed me.
Engineer Electronics and Communication,Telecom engineer in design and development(D n D)

Re: The First Interview 12 years 6 months ago #15963

I was literally dumb when I was interviewd, they had asked me questions not only regarding my MCSD but also questions which judged my honesty and instant intelligence. I could well answer questions regarding my topic but at times their questions were even related to day to day affairs. So facing an interview just grooms you so that you can understand your faults and prepare well for the next interview.
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