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TOPIC: Doing an MSc while working

Doing an MSc while working 12 years 3 months ago #14023

Hey guys, I have come across a problem and would like your help, especially from those that live and work in the UK.
If everything goes as planned from the end of May I will be in London looking for a job, as from September/October I'm going to start my MSc in Information Systems Management.
I have chosen a part-time mode of study, cause I want to work while studying, but as it turns out the difference with the full-time is that it is instead of 4, 2 modules per semester. This means that for the first couple of months of each semester I will have to attend 2-3 days per week, for the whole day.
As a result during this period I will be able to work for a maximum of 3 days per week.
Does anyone know if there are companies that allow such a flexible type of work?

i can tell you 12 years 3 months ago #14024

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i can help you to quite some extent on that. because i have been in the situation. the rules say that during term time you should not work more than 20 hours in a week. when terms time is over, you can work for 40 hours (i.e. five days in a week for a normal 8 hour schedule).
do make sure to know when it is term time for you, and when it is not. easter breaks are considered as not being term time, and so it breaks for christmas. but it might differ from university to university.

right, about getting a job with a company, yes you can get a job which can be based on a 20 hour schedule. but if you are going through an agency, you want to make sure that they know. this is to ensure that the agency gets offers for you from companies who know from the beginning that you would only be working for 20 hours per week. otherwise you would face awkward situations during job interviews. mostly call centers (who call themselves helpdesks) allow such hours of work. but trust me you would not want to work with them, its such a waste of time!!! ask me i know!!!

hope all this few bits of info helped you. if there is anything else you want to know, all you have to do is ask!!! :D

Work 12 years 3 months ago #14025

Arani's got this one pretty much in the bag for you so little to add except that another potential source of employment on those terms would be the food industry, restaraunts, fast food outlets etc. They will let you work part time and flexible hours but the money is poor and the conditions likewise

yes those ones as well 12 years 3 months ago #14026

  • Arani
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yes mate, bishop's pretty much right in adding those few. but let's face that truth, we are people related to the IT industry so working in a place like McDonald's would not suit our temperament. but then, we are not in a position to choose now. so a compromise has to be made.
here's an interesting story to tell you from my own experience. my first job in UK was in a local McDonald's. since it was in a posh place like Greenwich, many office-goers used to frequent the outlet during breakfast hours for a bite before going to their offices. once morning, as i was mopping the floor in the huge lobby, i saw a man, working on his laptop on a program which he was coding. i intentionally starting mopping an area near him so that i could lean over and take a peek for a while. i found his program was not working due to a simple flaw, which i knew how to cure. but that man was in an armani suit, and i was in a "i'm loving it" t-shirt from McDonald's. i didn't have the courage to walk up to the man and tell him what the flaw and the cure was. maybe it was the way i was thinking. but still, it made me feel extremely low not being in that position. so i told myself "you are still a student, and this is a job that you are doing, its not illegal, neither is it of any low stature, your time will come to be in that position". that gave me the drive to be where i am today. you know what i do sometimes? :) i go down to that old McDonald's outlet, and sit down in that same table, remembering some fond memories of my days in that place. trust me, it doesn't feel that bad at all, i feel proud of myself to have achieved what i have till now, and it certainly does not make me complecent. and i have not stopped dreaming big, and trying to make them into reality. because that for me is life, dreaming and making them the truth.

so trust me on this one mate, as long as you can give dignity to what labour you are giving while doing any job, as long as its done in sincerety and humbleness, you will go ahead. even if you start off by frying burgers at McDonalds, or selling mobile phones at a local O2 shop (trust me it pays more than McDonald's, and you get to meet many people!!!), you will be able to look back in fond remembrance to these days of toils and tears.
So i wish you the very best of luck in everything :lol:

Re: Doing an MSc while working 12 years 3 months ago #14029

Thanx mates for all the advice.
I have worked at a "helpdesk" and I know how it is:D I have also around 4 years of work experience in the field of IT and wouldn't like to sacrifice all that to go work at McD's. I think I will start sending cover letters and cvs to companies and job agencies and see what will come up. I wouldn't mind working as a computer or apple technician while I study.
By the way which university did you attend, Arani?
They have accepted me at Brunel and it seems like a good University. Have you heard anything about it?

info 12 years 3 months ago #14031

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congratulations on that offer mate, even though i wont be able to shed much light on how good the university is. look up on the UCAS table where Brunel stands and that would give you a good idea where your deparment features on that list.
I did my MSc from the University of Greenwich (Maritime Campus)
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