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Re: CCNA Study Guide - Odom (CiscoPress) vs Lammle (Sybex) 17 years 7 months ago #1048

Well, my degree dictates that I do core subjects next year, not electives. The networking subjects, which are effectively the cisco semesters are electives. This means that I would complete the fourth CCNA semester sometime in 2005. I was hoping to get my CCNA before then; sometime next year all going well. Yes, I appreciate what you guys are saying regarding hands-on experience. That's not a problem at the moment, as my university has no shortage of equipment in the labs. I just hope I'll be permitted to use the lab next year, even though I won't be formally enrolled in a networking subject. I'll just have to use my persuasive powers. Barring that, perhaps I can invest in some second hand equipment. But I'm getting ahead of myself; time to put my head down and learn the basics.

Greenice. :)

Re: CCNA Study Guide - Odom (CiscoPress) vs Lammle (Sybex) 17 years 7 months ago #1050

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Where abouts in Sydney are you located ? I left Sydney almost 2 years ago, moving permanently to Greece.
Chris Partsenidis.
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Re: CCNA Study Guide - Odom (CiscoPress) vs Lammle (Sybex) 17 years 7 months ago #1051

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Can you audit the class?

I guarantee that you will get a lot out of the on-line examples and tests. When I did it, we had both the book and the online curriculum. I got more out of the online info, myself. Also, the 3rd and 4th semester projects teach you a lot by building both a LAN project (3rd semester) and WAN project (4th semester).

Knowing how to configure a router is not quite the same as developing a network, with all the physical considerations as well as the networking ones.


Re: CCNA Study Guide - Odom (CiscoPress) vs Lammle (Sybex) 17 years 7 months ago #1055

Can I audit the class? Umm, yes, if only I knew what you were talking about. :? I think you are overestimating the extent of my present knowledge. To my shame, I have yet to understand subnetting would you believe. Actually, I missed that topic in class. Consequently, I was completely puzzled when we were required to do a subnetting exercise at uni last night.

Personally, I find that the online curriculum suffers from a lack of detail when discussing certain topics. But perhaps that's intentional, seeing as this is only the first semester. In fact, it was that lack of detail that led me to discover this website. I was scouring the www for a detailed description of late collisions, when I stumbled this way. A most fortuitous event.

Btw, I am from the eastern suburbs of Sydney; on the border of Bronte and Waverley to be precise.


Re: CCNA Study Guide - Odom (CiscoPress) vs Lammle (Sybex) 17 years 7 months ago #1056

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Auditing is going to the class, even if you are not in it. If there is room and a computer available, the instructor may let you in - especially if they have minimum amount students required (of course, if you have to pay extra for the course that might be a problem).

The first semester, is usually has little to do with actual routers but mainly to do with Layer 1 and Layer 2 type of technologies. You don't really get into routing (the fun stuff until the 2nd semester).

Yes, you are correct in the fact that the class starts out with basic information in the first 2 semesters and builds on that. As a matter of fact, they may tell you that a Router only does x, only to find that it will do x under certain circumstances. The problem is if they explain why it does x, at the beginning your eyes will start glazing over. You will find that they will talk about the same topics in most of the classes, just in more detail as you go along. Just when you think you've got it, you find out you only had part of it.

As I mentioned in another post, you should really look at the subnetting and supernetting subjects on this site. They are really good and easily to follow. Much better, more detailed, better laid out and easier to follow than most books. Very difficult to read it and not understand it the subject. I remember when I was in class, some of the people never got it. So I wouldn't feel shamed about having trouble with it. Sometimes you have have to look at it over and over and then finally you will get it.


Re: CCNA Study Guide - Odom (CiscoPress) vs Lammle (Sybex) 17 years 4 months ago #2339

hi...i noe this is a realli old post...but i jus started cramming for my ccna exam...and i got the odombook from the schl i went for a crash course(5days) and i downloaded todd lammle's book after i asked sahir where i should satrt
jus read throu 1st 3 chap n i feel tt todd's book is a really good way to start....i really like the way he starts of tackling the ccna topics...and there are practice qns n lab...which i find very useful.....also there are only 10 chapters:) i am not sure what has been condensed or if anything has been left out...i havent chked...but he gets straight to what u have to know...and its a good begnning, at least tts wht i think;)
odom's book i have no idea where to start coz i am lost in his 1st chap itself...but yeah of course maybe tts not the case for evreyone..u might find odom ur way to go:)
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