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TOPIC: Overcoming the limitations of a Network layer Firewall

Overcoming the limitations of a Network layer Firewall 14 years 3 weeks ago #7460

Dear Sir / Madam

Network layer Firewalls allow us to control the network layer transactions so we can allow / deny traffic defined in terms

of IP addresses and ports / protocols.
The better varieties of the Firewall allow a stateful-packet level inspection.
They are absolutely important and essential to ensure defence against protocol and network layer attacks.

But there are somethings they cannot do for example -
- Disallow users from searching and accessing pornographic material.
- Allow access to while disallowing attachment uploads to personal email accounts on yahoo mails.
- Filter cookies and header content to prevent breach of privacy, from specific web-sites.
- Use multiple virus-scanners to deliver redundancy levels of virus defence.
- Allow people to do leisurely surfing on individually specified time-slots.
- Set different bandwidth quotas (MB per hour / day / week) or quality of service (kb/s) for different web-sites per user.
- Set per user / group based rules to remove / allow pop-ups and activex controls or any other scripts, from specific

- Set per user rules to allow / deny specific browsers or other web-applications.
The above safeguards are important to prevent productivity / financial losses any enterprise could face.

SafeSquid: Content Filtering Internet Proxy, is arguably the best solution to achieve the above - easily, economically and

It's a power-house of features, that allows you to translate Internet Use Policies that you would have other-wise only
dreamt of. It allows you to do ALL OF THE ABOVE, and more!

An exhaustive documentation is maintained at
Alternatively you could download a copy of the product literature at and

share it with others.
You could even download the commercial-trial edition of SafeSquid by registering at the SafeSquid Dedicated Support
Center at

By the way, the SafeSquid Dedicated Support Center, is managed by experienced technicians, who will love to help you

through your trials with SafeSquid, and help you to create that fantastic Internet Use Policy you wanted to set for your

Free Edition of SafeSquid (no user / time) limits is also available for non-profit and charitable organisations.

Re: Overcoming the limitations of a Network layer Firewall 14 years 3 weeks ago #7464

  • nske
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Hi david,

Safesquid seems a very interesting software, I will try it first chance I get, only bad thing is that I am using OpenBSD for proxying/filtering that is not supported.

Now if I may ask, how is it that you post about safesquid and only about that everywhere on the web for months?

I mean posts like "Safesquid vs Squid", "I am a newbie and I want to know if safesquid is good", "I am planning to subscribe
Safesquid-Content Filtering Internet Proxy Server for my enterprise", etc., and then you suddenly jump to your "advertising mode" and inform us about it's features. I mean.. just google "davidwalton" yourself and enjoy..! Do you really think everyone's stupid? :?

This is a free community, one helps each other as we have a common interest in the same stuff, nobody will appreciate you if you only try to help yourself or your pocket.

- You would give a much better impression if you were sincere, i.e. explained that you are one of safesquid's developers (aren't you?) and asked for feedback. I don't think you would be criticized then.. ;)

- Safesquid seems to have interesting features, but that doesn't mean every other competitive software sucks. There are other excellent applications with similar features too, such as dansguardian and squid itself is the inspiration for Safesquid (if not something more..). Even squid's name was used, so it's not ethical to open discussions titled "squid VS safesquid" (again if you are related to safesquid project).

- If you are indeed involved in the development of the Safesquid project, probably you have much knowledge and experience. Trust me, it would be the best advertisement for safesquid if you contributed your knowledge by helping others instead of making stupid posts.

- If you are not related to safesquid project, my apologies, but then you would be acting nonsense.

That's all,


Re: Overcoming the limitations of a Network layer Firewall 14 years 2 weeks ago #7467

Thanxs for reply it was nice answer i would like to apperciate yours think about this software . But i would really like you to register in the safesquid forum so you can get all the features and download the latest version of it and get a good support from our customer support team.

Re: Overcoming the limitations of a Network layer Firewall 14 years 2 weeks ago #7471

  • tiamat
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haha.. classic response.

Re: Overcoming the limitations of a Network layer Firewall 14 years 2 weeks ago #7472

I'm not sure you got the point... It sounds to me like your trying to pitch a sale using this forum as your medium and how your approaching it makes you look like a sleazeball. If you want to reach the type of people that post in this forum, don't treat us like we are computer illiterate because... we really arent...
"He who breaks something to find out what it is, has left the path of wisdom."

Gandalf the Grey

Re: Overcoming the limitations of a Network layer Firewall 14 years 2 weeks ago #7479


Ok this one cracked me up when I read it! What is with this guy.. I mean..

1. Cross-post random advertisments on forums
2. Get beaten by nske
3. Come back for more!

I can't believe after all that he's still insisting on us heading over to their forum and registering just so we can talk to their loving support reps!

Congratulations Mr David Walton! If I ever hear the name 'safesquid' in any enterprise I'll definetely give them my 'impressions' about it.

The best part is, I've never even looked at your software! I'm panning it just on the basis of how you advertise it.


(Man I hope he comes back for more!)
Sahir Hidayatullah. Staff - Associate Editor & Security Advisor
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