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VPN Setup 12 years 10 months ago #13530

Hi everybody

i ve just found this forum, it s cool.
So I am facing out of a problem

I have my network, we use a pix to protect our Internet access, and another router to provide site to site vpn.
My problem is: I need to have the PIX as default gateway for the inside network, and the pix must reroute some internal packets (destination to the router for vpn connectivity.

I have read that pix does not provide icmp redirect, and so does not reroute packet to the router. So how can I bypass this ?

--corporate router
inside network


Re: VPN Setup 12 years 10 months ago #13534

Which model of pix?

If it is a 506e or larger, I would set up an interface on the pix that connects to the corporate router. The pix does act, in some ways, as a router but it has 2 major limitations: It will not redirect traffic and It will not allow traffic to leave an interface that it entered on (sometimes referred to as 'hairpinning').

If you don't have enough physical interfaces, you may have to use vlans. The 506e allows for vlans with the latest release of PixOS (up to 4 total interfaces which allows 2 physical interfaces and 2 vlans). The 515e's and up have always allowed vlans unless you are running a realy old version of PixOS.

Corporate Router

The other option is to set a static route on the all the systems that need access to the vpn. Just use the corporate router as the gateway for the vpn subnet and anything behind it.

Its not a real desireable option, as you will have to touch every workstation, but it will work if you don't have any other options.

Re: VPN Setup 12 years 10 months ago #13537

Thx for the answer
Unfortunately it's a 501.
So I have deployed a GPO for running script with static route.

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