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TOPIC: Network Administration and Security help needed.

Network Administration and Security help needed. 12 years 6 months ago #9948

  • decolnz
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Hi guys
after finishing my CCNA i have finally got an internaship kind of job with one of our local firms in my are.This firm has employed me as a network ADMINISTARATOR for there firm of which i have to monitor,administer and also troubleshoot using my CCNA knowlegde i have attained.
My cry to you guys is that i need some guidelines and probablly your assistance as far as network administation and monitoring is concerned since some of you guys have already gotten the experience from the field.
i am still new to the field that is why i am crying out for help so as to secure the job.i trust you guyz.
#4ever n 4always#
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Job 12 years 6 months ago #9950

  • TheBishop
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Congratulations on your job!
If I were the only person there responsible for the network, my approach would be something like the following. You may however be working with someone else so you might have to fit in around their ideas, or there might be expectations already defined by the company or management. Ask questions and find out!
Anyway, on with the suggestions:
1) Audit the network. Do they have existing network drawings? Written documentation? If not, have a walk round and make your own. If they do, is it comprehensive (you're a newcomer, does it help you enough? If not, how could you improve it)
2) Ensure resilience. Basically, is everything taken care of that you would need if you had to fix a problem? Are the configs of the network devices copied off and secured somewhere? Do you have a full asset list including all the details you would need to invoke third-party maintenance etc? Is there any kit you're unfamailiar with and need to read up on (before it happens)? Do you have spares? Another angle here is security. What are your biggest threats? How 'tight' is your user population? Are you open to the Internet? Do you have a security policy in place? Are the firewall rules etc sensible and adequate? You might even (once you've got everything else sorted and have a little time) want to do some penetration testing of your own
3) Monitor. From your knowledge of the network (should be detailed by now), what are the most logical things to monitor (important WAN links, key servers, anything crucial to the operation). Do they monitor them? If so, evaluate and improve. If not, figure out how you can do it and start. The aim is to collect stats week on week, month on month, that show you normal operation and will also highlight trends and areas where action needs taking before congestion occurs. When you begin to go to your boss each month and report on these things they will see the value of what you're doing.
Should keep you busy for a while...
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Great rundown 12 years 6 months ago #9970

  • Lindows
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Hey guys,

i recently obtained a job as a network administrator. The guide line posted really do make sense. The only one i forgot was audit the network. i love computer their make the perfect companion.

Congrat on your position

Lindows :wink:
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Re: Network Administration and Security help needed. 12 years 5 months ago #10165

  • Rockape
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Liisten to the bishop, he is a very wise man.

When I first came under his wing (I was promoted internally from our Helpdesk). I spent alot of time with him learning how networks are put together. To do this, he showed me various network diagrams, and "let me loose" in the computer room with these diagrams. Many years on, I still use network diagrams when I'm fault finding. it sometimes helps you spot quickly where a fault might be at. This can same alot of time, and make you look a hero when you get things up and running very quickly. Expecially, if others in the organisation have been trying for ages before you arrive!!
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Hero 12 years 5 months ago #10169

  • TheBishop
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And Rockape's hero status is well known and without question
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