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TOPIC: WAG54G not showing any DSL activity

WAG54G not showing any DSL activity 13 years 6 months ago #9697

My line: Cybercity ADSL PPPoA 2560/512
I've just purchased a Linksys WAG54G.
My problem is that I can't seem to figure out what I'm doing wrong. The router I used before was a Cisco 677 which I got from my ISP (Cybercity - PPPoA) and it worked perfectly. I can't get a connection from the wall box to my Linksys router. The DSL light is dead.. I can't imagine it has anything to do with the configuration in the WAG54G, however it could be the wrong cable I'm using from the wall to the router.

I noticed that the cable I used with my Cisco router (which doesn't fit in my Linksys, since it's a RJ11 or 12 in both ends, and the Linksys need a rj11 or 12 and rj45) doesn't have the same circut as the cable I use with the Linksys. It goes like this:
On the Linksys cable's first end the small cables are in the following order: blue, yellow, green, red, black, white.
On the Linksys other end: blue, yellow, green, red, black, white. We can all see that's the same.
However on my Cisco's cable it's: yelloe, green, red, black.
And on the other end: black, red, green, yellow.
Now that's different!
How come they are different and that there are only 4 small cables in my Cisco cable compared to the Linksys? I think that's why there's no connection on the Linksys cable..

What cable do I need so I can plugin the WAG54G to my wall box WITHOUT my Cisco 677 in bridged mode in front of it?
it IS possible to run the WAG54G without my Cisco 677 in bridged mode isn't it? I've heard somebody say that I have to use my Cisco 677 in front of my Linksys no matter what I do, but if it can be avoided I'd like that instead.

Re: WAG54G not showing any DSL activity 13 years 6 months ago #9721

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Is that RJ-11 that you are using to plug the Linksys into the wall jack provided by Linksys? If so, the cable should be okay. If not I would just go out and buy a new RJ-11 unless you have the crimper, ends, etc. to redo the cable. Also, your ISP may have specific things that need to be configured on your Linksys. I'd give them a call and see what is needed. Let us know if you get it fixed.

ADSL Cable 13 years 6 months ago #9725

Get into the command line for both your devices and check that the DSL settings in your Linksys are exactly the same as in your Cisco (which worked). If they are, then it's almost certainly a cable problem. And i agree 110% with jwj on that one, don't bother messing about but just go to your Linksys dealer and buy one on their recommendation.
Let us know how you get on

DSL Cables 13 years 6 months ago #9776

Hi Guys,

The cable here should not be an issue...DSL should only be transmitted on the middle two pins. Also it will not matter whether the cable is crossed or straight as during syncronisation with the DSLAM (DSL Access Mux) the linksys & DSLAM agree which is transmitt and which is recieve.

If once connected you fail to get a DSL light check the following

1) Plug cisco back in and check it still connects. if it does plug the linksys back in

2) Check linksys settings - look for "MODE" or "DSL TYPE" setting. This should be set to MMODE, or G.DMT.

3) Check ATM settings are correct. There are three settings that are important her - VPI, VCI & encapsultation. These vary from opertator to operator, and country to country. Should be able to get these off the CISCO

If all look correct , and Cisco works, not the linksys take it back ;-)

Post more questions if need be.



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