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TOPIC: subnetting and 2 networks

subnetting and 2 networks 14 years 5 days ago #7310

I've read the tutorials on subnetting and networking. These are great tutorials, but now it has me thinking and messing around and learning new stuff. My basic question is that I want to setup 2 networks and how do I set IP so the different computers are on the respective networks. The respective networks will be one public computers and one private computers. (Basic design, I want to do the same as the writer of the forums setup).

So, to put it another way if I subnet and I have a public webser server on and now I want my private computers on (this private computer setup is what I don't know how to do). I understand the whole concept that the 2 networks won't talk to each other and how to connect them, I just don't know how to "set" or make a "static" ip for the individual computers.

I have a linksys BEFSRF41 router. I am pretty sure I do not need specific information on this router, I more just need a basic concept of how to assign IPs to specific computers.

Re: subnetting and 2 networks 14 years 5 days ago #7311

Ok that sucks. I've been looking for the answer for a little while now. Then just a few minutes after I post it, there's the answer.

Just in case someone else needs the info here it is:

You must go into start > Control Panel > network connections
> right click network connections and click on properties> click the general tab> highlight internet protocol (TCP/IP) > Properties > Use the following IP address.

Again I'm going through this in case someone else needs this since this is a pretty basic need for setting up a network. Now if this computer was to be part of my public network (as I described above) I would have to put in an IP address that was above (If this doesn't make seens please refer to the above link Network > General > Subnetting. This does a great job of explaining anything that I'm leaving out). Also would need to set my subnet mask to be and the default gateway will depend on what I assign for my public access ip router.

However, if it was going to be part of the public network I would make the IP address I would make my subnet and if my router was in default mode or I left everything the same my default gateway would be Notice how I left out of my public address. That is because that is the routers address and what the other computers use to get to the internet or in the case above where my private network would need to get to the public network, the router that connects the two. (Again look at the tutorial if you don't understand this point)

Hopefully I've helped someone else out on this topic that is new and learning this just like I am.

IP 14 years 5 days ago #7329

No problem gatorengineer, all posts on are useful!

Re: subnetting and 2 networks 13 years 11 months ago #7418

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gatorengineer I don’t log on everyday so I’m never quick to answer nor do I expect quick answers on this site. However, to get to the real point of my post I noticed your post and found it intriguing and even though you already have an answer to your own question I have to ask do you realize that you have broken all classful rules?

You borrowed one bit from a class C address and that in effect splits it in half giving you only the zero and all ones subnets (see ip subnet zero under basic concepts). This works because we now operate in a classless world (network). Be careful though as the precautions presented in the paper on the zero and all ones subnet explains.

Re: subnetting and 2 networks 13 years 11 months ago #7431

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classful rules don't really apply in the real world of subnetting anymore, do they? I thought that was just for exams and certifications. hehe... seriously, there's nothing wrong with using a /25 subnet mask (at least on most modern networking devices)

Subnets 13 years 11 months ago #7450

Hmm, got to be a little careful here though.
I've always taken the view that you can choose any address range you like and subnet any way you like as long as:
1) It works properly
2) It's a private network and will stay private (not intended for connection to the internet or other third-party networks now or in the future)
3) You think the design through and have good reasons why you are doing the things you are doing
4) You document your design philosophy, assumptions and implementation details so that when somebody else comes along in three years time they can see what you did and why you did it
In any other circumstances, stick to the rules!!
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