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TOPIC: Win7<->winXP share folders help

Win7&lt;-&gt;winXP share folders help 8 years 7 months ago #32701


Need to ask a simple thing about 'Protected File Sharing'


I have a small network at home

-few PCs, some running win7 / some Win XP SP3

PC-A winXP, PC-B win7, PC-C ....

-all are on same windows workgroup

-one DSL modem ( 1x Ethernet interface out )

-switch 10/100Mbps 8 port conencting all these together
DSl modem out Ethernet interface connects to UPLINLK port of my switch.

all PCs are able to acces internet through this DSL modem.


I want to share All Partitions of PC-A with ONLY one of my PC-B Win7 machine ( name it )

i-e sharing all partitions of PC-A with only PC-B

not share anything from PC-B on network.

PC-B should have full access with full permissions to all partitions of PC-A , but no other PC should have access to PC-A items (except for items of PC-A which I explicitly allow).

and no other PC on the network should have access to any content of PC-B

Current Configuration:

I shared all drives of PC-A with 'allow network users change my files' enabled.


on PC-B

by browsing network or by using RUN: \\<compname> in RUN command

-> i was able to see PC-A
-> i was able to see the root contents of all shared drives of PC-A
-> when i double click any folder or icon in root of these shared folders, it said u can't access this item,

after long hours of troubleshooting,

on PC-A -> computer management -> Shared Folders -> Shares (shows all default shares C$, D$, .... and all my shared drives of this PC-A)
-> sessions ( users using these shared items with what account )
-> Open Files

it showed that PC-B is connected with Guest account on this PC-A shared folders.

first I tried a lot on PC-B (Win7) to connect to PC-A with other accout credentials (used account of Administrator group of PC-A )
But it did not connect.

Then I disbaled Guest account on PC-A (WinXP)

Now I am able to have full access read/write/delete... on shared partitions.

! but now everybody on this workgroup has access to these shared items.

Q. Is It so, that win7 machines connect to network shared items with GUEST account by default?

Q. If yes, how can we choose to connect to shared items ( and Network with different credentials selectively ) ?

Q. please suggest some tips for my above scenario

Q. what are default shares d$, C$, ... IPC$ ... ? who have access to them

easiest way 8 years 7 months ago #32706

whenever you are sharing stuff like this between multiple client workstations on windows networking you really have to rig stuff to make it work like you want.

the easiest thing for you to do would be this:

lets say you have workstation A, and you want workstation B and C to be able to access some files on it

you need to, on workstation A, create local profiles with the exact same credentials as those that be logged into on workstation B and C

in other words, lets say the person that uses workstation B logs into workstation B every day with the profile name "mandy" and the password "ilovecats", you need to add that same exact profile on the workstation A machine, with that exact same password. (go to start, run, and type "control userpasswords2")

lets say the person that uses workstation C logs into it every day with username "tom" password "machoman", you need to add that profile also to workstation A.

now you can, on workstation A, go to the specific folders / drives you want them to have access to, and on the security tab of the folders properties you can add their local profile with the exact permissions you want them to have.

the easiest thing to do is, on workstation B and C, map a network drive to the shares on workstation A so that every time they log in, they just have a drive letter under 'my computer'.


the other way to rig this, which is by far less safe, is to forget about adding profiles on workstation A, and, instead, on workstation B and C you map networked drives, but before you click "ok", you click on "connect using a different username", and then you enter the login credentials for the administrator account on workstation A. for example, lets say workstation A is named "pseudoserver" and the administrator password is "edwardbernaysdestroyedamerica".
when you click on "connect using a different username" you would enter "pesudoserver\administrator" for the username and "edwardbernaysdestroyedamerica" for the password.

it really isnt 'safe' though.


yeah, dont use the guest account for anything. in fact disable it or remove it altogether from everything. make sure you have exceptions added for local file sharing in all the systems firewalls- to test if thats one of the issues just disable the firewalls altogether temporarily for testing

hope it works

Re: Win7&lt;-&gt;winXP share folders help 8 years 7 months ago #32709

first off many thanks 'floppyraid'

yeah the first procedure sounds good, adding users as local profiles to get shared drives accessible.

I tried it, but one problem,

on worlstation A ( whose drives I want to be shareable)
I do'nt see a tab of 'Security' in drive/folders procperties,
I do see a 'Sharing' tab, and on it there are simply
share name : ..........
[] allow network users to change my files

appears, no such permissions where I can select local profiles.

I have all NTFS partitions
is is becuase I used 'Simple file Sharing.' ?

the second idea is also not working, do'nt know why

I have made a new account for sharing purpose in PC-A ( worksatation A as you said it)

when I try to connect from PC-B to PC-A folders, it asks for credentials

when guest account is disabled on PC-A,

connecting from PC-B ( Win7) asks for credentials

Username: <PC-A network name I put here>\<that new account name>
Password: < its passowrd >

It does'nt accept this credentials, infact not any credentials, I have tried all.

Now when I turn on Guest account on PC-A, then repeat,

Yeah now I do have full acccess and PC-A shows that PC-B is open shares with GUEST(yes) option

please help

once through, I do will map drives.


Re: Win7&lt;-&gt;winXP share folders help 8 years 7 months ago #32710

OH forgot one thing

When connecting from Win7 machine, to a network share in my case,

How to expicitly use other credentials of my choice?
i-e when I click any Network item, how can I provide my choiced credentials at this point.

greetings 8 years 7 months ago #32713

in respect to simple file sharing, yes, disable that. usually you can do it under control panel -> folder options -> view.

if it still doesnt give you the security tab after a reboot, you might be doomed to having to do this--

reboot into safe mode, log in as administrator. now you will have the security option when you go to a folder properties.

this may be a limitation of windows xp home.


as far as how to change credentials when connecting to a share in windows 7- i have no idea. i havnt moved a mouse at all under windows 7. my guess is they would have left it in the same place (right clicking my computer/ network places and selecting 'map a network drive' usually has the link in that dialog box somewhere. if not, well, shame on microsoft for trying to revamp something that wasnt broken)

Re: Win7&lt;-&gt;winXP share folders help 8 years 7 months ago #32721

will try it, thanks
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