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TOPIC: VTP question

VTP question 10 years 1 month ago #28584

in VTP Domain, i have done port based vlans
for example, port 10 is assigned for vlan 10

there is 2 switches which act as vtp clients, switch 2 and switch 3
switch 2 and 3, what will be the configuration for port 10? will it be assigned for vlan 10?

i havent practically implemented this, just want to know how it works?

Re: VTP question 10 years 1 month ago #28585

  • S0lo
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Port 10 in Switch 1 is different than port 10 in Switch 2 and different than port 10 in switch 3. You can assign any port on any switch to any vlan.

So switch 1 can have it's port 10 assigned to say vlan 3. And switch 2 can have it's port 10 assigned to say vlan 5. And switch 3 can have it's say port 4 assigned to vlan 10.

Does this answer your question?
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Re: VTP question 10 years 1 month ago #28598

Like SOlo said, all the ports are different and require their individual assignments to vlans....
To clarify: VTP only synchronizes vlan data... maybe it would be better to call it the "vlan metadata". It sends information about the vlans, so that each switch that is part of the vtp domain has the vlans locally.

Re: VTP question 10 years 1 month ago #28642

  • gagamboy
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Hi All,

Does it mean you do not have to define/configure VLANs to your client switch?

And also I would like to add, what is the purpose of sub interface in switch/router?



Re: VTP question 10 years 1 month ago #28643

  • Smurf
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As said above, VTP synchronises your VLAN data. If you configure Switch1 with 10 VLAN's, VTP will setup the other switches connected to the main switch with the same 10 VLAN's (unless you set some of them to not participate in VTP).

VLAN Trunk between the switches allows the VLAN Tag to be maintained through to the other switch so it can be used within connected switches. VLAN's are used to segment you Layer2 and thus segment your Broadcast Domain across the Switch, if for example you have SwitchA and SwitchB connected to each other with a VLAN Trunk and you have VLAN4 assigned to Ports on both switches, broadcast traffic for VLAN4 for example, will go out of the assigned ports on both switches (over the VLAN trunk).

If you have a complex configuration with 10/20/30, etc.. VLAN's, VTP allows the VLAN information to synchronise between all the switches participating in the VTP Domain thats configured.

Hope it helps

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Re: VTP question 10 years 1 month ago #28644

  • gagamboy
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Thanks for the info Smurf.

I have one question that confuses me, Will the VLAN data will also be travelling in etherchannel? I believe it is also trunking. :-)


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