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TOPIC: Help connecting 3 WAN's together

Help connecting 3 WAN's together 11 years 1 week ago #26730

I had to delete this because every time I look for the answer I get my post!!

Re: Help connecting 3 WAN's together 11 years 1 week ago #26732

Urk! I don't know much at all about Frame Relay as it's not really used in the UK. What they are saying is that you have three locations, each with a LAN of 100 users, and you want to implement a WAN to connect them together. If I'm right 'fractional T1' is what we'd call a kilostream over here, so it might be say 512k or something. That's the first thing you 'll need to decide, how much bandwidth you'll need. Since it's a question not a real-world design the best you can do there is make qualified assumptions about this mythical company and justify them (specifically what kind of business do they do - how much of the traffic will be local and how much will traverse the WAN, what kind of response times they'll require etc). Once you've got a figure for that the rest is a matter of googling for routers that will support your chosen WAN links and drawing up a purchase list for the kit. Plus a nice diagram or two on how it will all hang together. And for a few extra marks mention things like security; by putting a few Access Control Lists on your routers you can limit the traffic to just the desirable stuff and keep other things from crossing the WAN, and if your imaginary company's business warrants it you might consider firewalls as well. The bulk of your marks though look as if they will come from specifying the kit.
Hope that helps; feel free to kick your ideas around here for review

Re: Help connecting 3 WAN's together 11 years 1 week ago #26738

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frame relay is a key concept in your assignment , so the theory behind it must be explained.

Also, bishop is very right about drawing some assumptioons on the imaginary company because you will be marked based on those assumptions that is whether a voice will be integrated , video conferencing and many others that will determine the bandwith.

also on security, confidentiality, intergrity and availability are critical parameters that will determine expenditure on security

note firewall is no longer an option in any WAN connection

thanks, I will keep going with this.... 11 years 1 week ago #26742

Thanks guys!! I hope that when I really get into it that I will sound like I know my stuff, so you guys pointing out what you did helps alot!! When I get something done, I will post it and see what you think! :)

Re: Help connecting 3 WAN's together 11 years 1 week ago #26750

No problem

hint from Professor.... 11 years 1 week ago #26758

I am afraid that it is probably easier than I thought because this was the tip that I got from my professor, Start by listing the applications, hardware, and software that are needed, and how they should be connected. Is there anything that I can look up that would address this so that I get a clear picture? Because I have no idea...I have only taken about three classes for this and I don't have any experience in this...HELP PLEASE!!!
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