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TOPIC: Issue with the light status on modem .!!!!!!!!! plz help,,,,

Issue with the light status on modem .!!!!!!!!! plz help,,,, 11 years 11 months ago #19897

I have an RCA cable modem which initilly was connected on to a USB hub inturn to the PC with the help an usb cable ...later I went out and bought a Linksys WRT5p4g (wireless router with 2 phone ports )I connected the router directly to modem with an ehernet cable and the PC to it ...did the configuration to get the dial tone but the internet lit on the router will not turn on ...however able to go online and card NIC installed properly ..did a loop back all on router fine ...kept the roter 2-3 feet away from the modem ...STILL THE INTERNET LIT NOT TURNING ON ...NOW WHAT??????????????? :x [/img]

Re: Issue with the light status on modem .!!!!!!!!! plz help,,,, 11 years 11 months ago #19918

I am assuming that you are using a cable modem provided from your ISP. If so, odds are that you have a burnt out led light or your modem is bad. I worked at an ISP which provided cable modems to customers.
When a customer returned or said the modem had a problem, the techs did a very BASIC check on them and turned them back for circulation. Over the period of 3 years working there, I had 4 modems go bad.
Needlees to say, that was my ISP. But from living all over the states and dealing with various ISPs, you will likely come accross a bad modem now and then.
Other than that..I don't know...I do know that cable modems go bad all the time. Just an idea and my two cents.

Re: Issue with the light status on modem .!!!!!!!!! plz help,,,, 11 years 10 months ago #19928


(sorry if this is a bit basic)

Check Ethernet cable from modem is plugged into "INTERNET" port.

If it is plugged into correct port and the INTERNET light is not on then check configuration.

In my case the Internet light come on once my cable modem has provide connection details to my linksys (using DHCP).

In your case based on this being cable & not DSL I'd assume that from the setup screen on the linksys you would need to select "Obtain an IP Automatically".



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