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DHCP on VLANs 14 years 5 months ago #1858

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Ok. This is the situation. I need to separate a network into several different VLANs, about 15.

Using Win2000 is there a way to have only one DHCP server for all these VLANs. And How??

Will I have to make reservations? Setup a DHCP server on the Layer 3 switch for each VLAN?

Is there a better way to do it? :?

All workstations are connected to a Layer 3 switch and need to talk to all other VLANs. Not that that is important for this scenario but just thought I'd let you know.

Anyways, thanks in advance.
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Re: DHCP on VLANs 14 years 5 months ago #1862

  • sahirh
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I'm assuming you've already configured inter-vlan routing.. in which case you will have to configure the router to forward DHCP requests.. on cisco hardware this would be done using the IP helper address command.

This page from cisco will give you some more details, its not strictly the problem you're facing, but in the scenarion they need to get one DHCP server talking between multiple VLANs, the configuration is shown.

Let us know what solution you ultimately use..I have a premonition that the asking rate of this question will be inversely proportional to the price of switches ;)

Sahir Hidayatullah. Staff - Associate Editor & Security Advisor
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