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TOPIC: ISP Equipment

ISP Equipment 13 years 1 month ago #14190

  • gepon
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Hey guys, my company is going into isp. So i have been asked to list the type of equipments we shalll be using. so please if you can help me out on this then i shall be very grateful. Also,type of server,switches and so on, any web resouce shall be welcome.
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Re: ISP Equipment 13 years 1 month ago #14191

There is really no right or wrong answer to this. The colocation facility is just trying to establish your rack space, power and cooling needs so they can ensure their side of the deal is up to spec based on your requirements.
You need to determine your companies needs based on what they do and where they want to be in the near future, and plan accordingly.

ISP equipment 13 years 1 month ago #14192

  • Arani
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totally agree with d_jabsd,
but here's a few things to decide first. nice to hear about your company to go ISP, but has it decided how it is going to provide the IS? would be it via cable or would it be via adsl modem? on either case the CPE has to be decided and first and foremost the basic network structure would differ greatly between a cable ISP and an ADSL ISP.
secondly, how do you propose to implement the services, the first stage being promotion, second step being customer aquisition, third step being setting up a customer with the corresponding CPE i.e. customer premises equipment (can be either a cable modem or an adsl modem with your company providing IS over an existing telephone line). if it is via cable modems it means you are connecting via a cable network.
once customer base has been created you would need to setup a 24/7 helpline to cater to your customer needs
but this is all non - technical stuff
first and foremost let your company decide what medium it will be using to render the service, would it be a cable ISP or an adsl ISP providing the service on an existing telephone line?
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Re: ISP Equipment 13 years 1 month ago #14220

  • jwj
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Try , it's been a decent resource for me. Definitely caters to small ISP's concerns. Now here's my 2 cents. As a new ISP, you have to differentiate yourself from the others. Build your network smartly, otherwise when you begin to get bigger, things won't be pretty.

I'm (kind of) involved w/a small ISP that wants to rollout a Motorola Canopy network. They have spent thousands of dollars on the equipment and service contracts with Motorola, but their horribly designed network can not even begin to support thousands of wireless broadband subscribers (their goal). The best part? So far, they don't want to spend the extra couple of thousand for me to go in and fix their network so that it can, and I'm giving them a bargain price. So basically do it right the first time.

Thanks 13 years 1 month ago #14224

  • gepon
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Hey guys thanks vry much for that piece of information.I would like to know which would be the cheapest,i am here in africa trying to implement it. So i want to know which of the services i cn do here so as to kow the type of service to provide.Howevr, i think we shall provide adsl.
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Re: ISP Equipment 13 years 1 month ago #14230

Interesting question.

Im from South America, and I Used to work for a small ISP.
the few questions you must ask you self or your employeer is what are the objectives of the ISP.

Do you plan only to give Internet Service or ialso be a carrier??
It depends of the budget you have.

If you try both, believe it is too much money.
One license for the ISP, and another one for the CARRIER.
here in my country both around $70 000 american dollars

In my last job we only give internet service, and only outsourcing the local loop (carrier) with a local teleco compay, between the ISP and the client.

If you want both, and you want to offer the best quality of service for your clients, you muts also plan for personel, not only monitoring the isp, also the local loop, etc...

One last important thing, when a client, contacts your service, you must be the ONE and only ONE front face in whatever problem they have with the service (they dont care who is the isp company, who is the carrier company), so a proper SLA must be setup between the ISP the carrier, and the client.

I recommend you outsourcing the local loop but with escrict SLA.
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