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TOPIC: Need help on remote access...

Re: Need help on remote access... 13 years 10 months ago #13365

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you can also try this

Re: Need help on remote access... 13 years 10 months ago #13372

Thanks for the input, I am using VNC and remote desktop on the intranet at my computer LAN, and they work flawlessly.
However, when I am trying to reach my home computer from work and having problem on the connection reaching my home internal IP, that where I need help, do have problem configure the wireless router.

Re: Need help on remote access... 13 years 10 months ago #13373

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Do you have control over the firewall at work? It may only be letting traffic out on certain ports. Also, I presume you have set up port forwarding on you home router, and that it has a static IP address.

Re: Need help on remote access... 13 years 10 months ago #13387

Maybe you can start to describe on how you access your home LAN. It is by using http / special program / telnet so we could help to narrow down the gap.

But so far, I think the issue lies on your wireless router. It could be there is a policy that prevents the outer ip from accessing your home LAN. Having that said, if your office LAN router have a static IP i.e. leased line, then you would be able to review the log in your wireless router to see whether there is any blocking of the IP address. Else if your office router is assigned with dynamic IP then it would be harder to trace.

Do keep us posted on the progress. Cheers

remote access 13 years 10 months ago #13418

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try setting up a basic PCAnywhere connection between your home computer with the internal IP. once that is done, you can make that home computer as a host which will keep on listening to incoming requests for a connection. while that is happening, you can log into your computer from anywhere by using the logon IP address using even an http interface. this means that you dont need to have the client end of the PCAnywhere software on the remote computer that you are using
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Remote access 13 years 10 months ago #13425

Let's try to summarise all these points. First of all you need to choose the remote access mechanism you are going to use. A number of good ones have been mentioned; VNC, PCAnywhere, Windows Remote Desktop and others.
Once you've got that set up, test it. Borrow another PC and stick it on the same LAN and make sure you can do what you need to do without going over the Internet.
Then you need to open the port(s) necessary both on your outgoing firewall from work and your incoming firewall/router at home. The actual port numbers required will depend on the remote access software you've chosen and how you've set it up. As previously advised, try to use non-standard ports and also don't just rely on security by obscurity - use a srong username/password too
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