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Special Free Podcast Series: IT Operations Management, Secure VPN & Metrics, Network Compliance, BYOD Strategies, Vulnerability Assessments and more

Posted in OpManager - Network Monitoring & Management

Learn how IT Experts and Managers take on their organization’s challenges while working remotely. How do you continue your IT Operation Management Strategy while at the same time ensuring Network Compliance, properly securing your VPN infrastructure and delivering seamless end-user experience

Ever thought about VPN metrics, tracking network bandwidth consumption and how to avoid unwanted bottlenecks for your remote users? How about performing necessary vulnerability assessments designed to highlight weaknesses in your organization’s security posture but also secure business continuity?

All the above critical topics plus much more are covered in ManageEngine’s Special Free 6-part IT Expert Podcast podcast series starting on the 12th of August 2020.

it podcast network management security vpn

Here’s what’s in store:

podcast icon Episode 1: VPN 101: A run through on all things VPN for remote work. In the first episode of our podcast series, our host discusses the increasing importance of VPN and the subsequent need for businesses to ramp up their VPN infrastructures.

podcast icon Episode 2: Importance of VPN encryption in the age of remote work. Join us in the second episode of the podcast series as our host shares tips on choosing the right VPN strategy and the importance of VPN encryption.

podcast icon Episode 3: Boost productivity by tracking VPN metrics that matter. Join us as we discuss the metrics you need to keep tabs on to improve business productivity. Find out how tracking network bandwidth consumption will help plan your resources better.

podcast icon Episode 4: Ways to secure IT assets and implement BYOD policies. With the majority of employees now working remotely, our host shares how performing regular vulnerability assessments and implementing the right BYOD policies will help maintain business continuity.

podcast icon Episode 5: Tackling the complexities of network compliance in the remote era. Join us as our host addresses the complexities of network compliance management and shares tips on how to overcome them.

podcast icon Episode 6: Strategies to deliver seamless end user experience. Tune in to understand the strategies you can implement to ensure your business critical applications run perfectly even during these uncertain times.

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How to Enable ‘Web Server’ Certificate Template Option on Windows Certification Authority (CA) Server

Posted in Windows Server 2016

In this article we will show you how to enable the ‘Web Server’ certificate template option on a Windows Certification Authority (Windows CA) Server.  The Web Server option is usually not present in a fresh Windows CA server installation which can introduce difficulties for users or administrators who need the option to get their web server certificates signed:

windows ca web server certificate template missing

Recommended Article: How to install and configure a Windows CA Server

Enabling the Web Server certificate template is a simple and non-disruptive process. From the Administrative Tools, open the Certification Authority tool. Next, right-click on the Certificate Templates folder and select Manage:

windows ca certificate templates

How to Fix VMware ESXi Virtual Machine 'Invalid Status'

Posted in Virtualization & VM Backup

In this article, we'll show you how to deal with VMs which are reported to have an Invalid Status as shown in the screenshot below. This is a common problem many VMware and System Administrators are faced with when dealing with VMs. We'll show you how to enable SSH on ESXi (required for this task), use the vim-cmd to obtain a list of the invalid VMs, use the vim-cmd /vmsvc/unregister command to unregister - delete the VMs and edit the /etc/vmware/hostd/vmInventory.xml file to remove the section(s) that references the invalid VM(s).

The Invalid Status issue is usually caused after attempting to delete a VM, manually removing VM files after a vMotion, a problem with the VMFS storage or even after physically removing the storage from the ESXi host e.g replacing a failed hdd.

esxi vm machine invalid status

Another difficulty with VMs stuck in an Invalid Status is that VMware will not allow you to remove or delete any Datastore associated with the VM e.g if you wanted to remove a HDD. For safety reasons, you must first remove or migrate the affected VM so that there is no VM associated with the Datastore before VMware allows you to delete it.

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The screenshot below shows ESXi failing to delete datastore 256G-SSD - which is used by VM FCX-ISE1 above, now reported to be in an Invalid Status:

esxi vm unable to delete datastore

As most System Administrators discover in these situations - they are pretty much stuck and the only way to remove the VM, now marked as 'Invalid', is to delete it as the Unregister option cannot be selected when right clicking on top of the VM:

esxi vm invalid status delete unregister option unavailable

Notice in the screenshot above how the Unregister or Delete menu options are not available.

The only method to delete this VM is to use the SSH console on the ESXi host and execute a number of commands. This implies that SSH has been enabled on the ESXi host.

Read our quick guide on “How to enable SSH on an ESXi host” if SSH is not enabled on your ESXi host.

Once ssh is enabled, connect to your ESXi host with any ssh client such as e.g Putty using your ESXi root credentials, then use the vim-cmd with the following parameters to obtain a list of the invalid VMs:

How to Enable SNMP on VMware ESXi Host & Configure ESXi Firewall to Allow or Block Access to the SNMP Service

Posted in Virtualization & VM Backup

In this article we will show you how to enable SNMP on your VMware ESXi host, configure SNMP Community string and configure your ESXi firewall to allow or block access to the SNMP service from specific host(s) or network(s)

Enabling SNMP service on a VMware ESXi host is considered mandatory in any production environment as it allows a Network Monitoring System (NMS) access and monitor the ESXi host(s) and obtain valuable information such as CPU, RAM and Storage usage, vmnic (network) utilization and much more.

how to enable snmp on esxi host

Furthermore, an enterprise grade NMS system can connect to your VMware infrastructure and provide alerting, performance and statistical analysis reports to help better determine sizing requirements but also identify bottlenecks and other problems that might be impacting the virtualization environment.

Execution Time: 10 minutes

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Concerned about your VM machines and data? Download now your Free Enterprise-grade VM Backup solution

Enable SSH on ESXi

First step it to enable SSH on ESXi. This can be easily perform via the vSphere client, ESXi console or Web GUI. All these methods are covered in details in our article How to Enable SSH on VMware ESXi.

Enable and Configure ESXi SNMP Service

Once SSH has been enabled, ssh to your ESXi host and use the following commands to enable and configure the SNMP service:

Complete Guide to Netflow: How Netflow & its Components Work. Netflow Monitoring Tools

Posted in Netflow

This article will cover the basics of Netflow, including its use cases, Netflow supported devices, Netflow history, and variants. We’ll also dive into the technical details of how the Netflow protocol works, including the Netflow ports, and the various Netflow versions. This will lead onto coverage of the various Netflow components, including the Netflow Exporter, Netflow Collector, and Netflow Analyzer, with some brief coverage of its main competition. Here’s the full breakdown of what’s covered:

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Introduction to Netflow – What is Netflow Used for?

Visibility plays a key role in the maintenance and security of any network. With it, admins can identify issues, discover non-compliant users, refine their provisioning, and more. Netflow is a protocol developed by CISCO that fulfils this purpose, letting interested parties understand network patterns and protocol distribution, while supporting more granular data like IP service type for diagnosis.

Its relatively low overhead and trusted history means that Netflow is still around in some forms a decade after its release. As well as user and application monitoring, admins utilize Netflow for network planning, application reporting and profiling, security analysis, and usage-based reporting and billing.

cisco netflow router cache

Broadly, a flow is a group of packets part of the same conversation between two endpoints in a network. More technically, a single flow is defined by its 5-tuple, a collection of five data points that include:

  • Source and destination IPs addresses
  • Source and destination ports
  • The protocol

As you’d expect, the Cisco-developed protocol is supported by a number of CISCO networking devices. The company’s IOS-XR routers use a software implementation running on line card CPU, while the IOS line runs software on route processor. Meanwhile, Catalyst and Nexus switches have a dedicated hardware TCAM implementation, generally supporting more flows.

Netflow History, RFC, Netflow Vendor Variants


Cisco Routers

  • SSL WebVPN
  • Securing Routers
  • Policy Based Routing
  • Router on-a-Stick

VPN Security

  • Understand DMVPN
  • GRE/IPSec Configuration
  • Site-to-Site IPSec VPN
  • IPSec Modes

Cisco Help

  • VPN Client Windows 8
  • VPN Client Windows 7
  • CCP Display Problem
  • Cisco Support App.

Windows 2012

  • New Features
  • Licensing
  • Hyper-V / VDI
  • Install Hyper-V


  • File Permissions
  • Webmin
  • Groups - Users
  • Samba Setup