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TOPIC: Folder Re-direction

Folder Re-direction 11 years 11 months ago #19948


A (Hopefully) quick query, is there any way to map a folder on one drive (E) so that it appears as a folder on another drive (C)

For several reasons, including space I cant host this program on the C drive, but it is (rather poorly) written to expect it will be in a specific path (C:\....)

I know how to make a folder appear as a logical drive, and how to make a drive appear as a logical folder. but not a folder appear as another folder.

any help appreciated

Re: Folder Re-direction 11 years 11 months ago #19949

About time you got here :D

For everyone else, I've been telling this guy about this site for ages, and he has finally found his way here.

I'm sure this can be done in XP, I've had a quick chat with the Bishop and we both think it can be done. I'll have a little explore and get back to you, unless someone else beats me :wink:

Re: Folder Re-direction 11 years 11 months ago #19950

Is it not possible simply to move the folder from the C to the E drive? or you could think about sharing the file.

In addition, the following articles "may" help

Re: Folder Re-direction 11 years 11 months ago #19951

I vaguely remeber from my XP course that this can be done, and it's something to do with adding space in the Disk Administrator. You can add more space/another disk in several ways, and one of them was to have it accessed as a mount point from within an existing file system. Can anybody remember the full details?

Re: Folder Re-direction 11 years 11 months ago #19953

Got it, I think :wink:

Have a look at this:

You are looking for "volume mount points"

Re: Folder Re-direction 11 years 11 months ago #19954

Got it

That link pointed me in the right Direction, Volume mount points are only useful for mounting whole drives, however just above that it mentions Directory Junctions.

Directory Junctions are exactly what I was after, in that they map one physical directory onto another logical location. The program for this is linkd.exe in the Server 2003 Resource kit.

Thank you for your help with this guys

Now to see if it works as I intended...
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