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TOPIC: Opinions on linux and what Distros to get...

Opinions on linux and what Distros to get... 11 years 8 months ago #21570

Hey Everyone I'm Jim and I just joined this site while looking at By passing websense..
Ok.. Off to my question..
I have been playing around with linux becuase I am getting so tired of the Horrible product microsoft calls a operating system
I aplogise for offending people that like windows.. Its a pet pieve of mine. But anyway, My problem with linux is that I have found it Excessively difficult to make my wireless operate. This is the only reason why I use windows because the wireless is so easy and Reliable.
I am currently trying Ubuntu but running into problems again with the 6.06
The problem is I can see networks and everything and I know my DNS servers are Correct. but When I want to open Mozilla or gaim "Server not found" But, It works on my windows machine....
I have tried PC linuxOS I enjoyed that but Yet again Their was something wrong with the drivers I as Google and nothing popped up I have a Linksys WMP54G 802.11g 54Mbps Wireless PCI Adapter With a side of fries :D And A Intel Gateway Pentium 4 512 ram. ECT.
Does anyone have any suggestions on what Linux to try next? If anyone can find some drivers That would be helpful.
Any Distro's that work well with wireless?
Thank you all and have a great day.
PS Everyone is saying on most posts PLEASE RESPOND QUICKLY
I am in no hurry I will be here all my life So take your time :roll: Thanks Opinions are welcomed.

Re: Opinions on linux and what Distros to get... 11 years 8 months ago #21577

The main differences between linux distros are that some things are easer than in the other. If you looking for easy replacement for windows i would say try SuSe or Ubuntu. If you simply don't have time to fiddle with your distribution these should be perfect for You. Few weeks ago new Ubuntu came out so You can try it out and check whether it suits Your needs.

On the other side, if You want to know linux deeper, personally i would recommend Slackware, i spent few years using this distro before abandoning it for FreeBSD and i found it best linux for learning.

Of course the best choice, can be made only by You. If You have no time for installing and trying few distributions, consider linux ranking such as ,which can be useful making the final decision.

Re: Opinions on linux and what Distros to get... 11 years 8 months ago #21578

I would recommend Ubuntu 7.04. After looking around a bit I installed this one on my wifes PC and she has no trouble getting things done on it. As for your Wi-Fi card, looks like it should work. It all depends on what chipset it was built with. I found a few other people using the broadcom version. Plus they have a helpful forum.

Hope that helps

Re: Opinions on linux and what Distros to get... 11 years 8 months ago #21583

Unfortunately I am using a broadcom Chipset I heard it didn't go well with Ubuntu. Custom163, I tried The 7.04 but, It gave me a Job control error "Cannot open TTY" I know what the problem is its, Part of the CD When they put it on the site I wasted 2 cd's did they fix it? Is it good for live cd now? Right now I am using the alternate 6.06 live.

Kudlaty, They make a free version of SUSE? I Actually have the Suse linux 9.0 In the box does anyone know if this works pretty well with wireless?
Once I get a good wireless working distro I can put the windows hard drive finally in my safe and lock it up forever!
Thanks everyone I am going to install Suse now see what pops up I am Curious now :wink:
You all have a great day,

Re: Opinions on linux and what Distros to get... 11 years 8 months ago #21587

I played around with Suse From my observation I could not get my card to start up There are no lights at the PCI card. This time I used the DVD to install the machine
I found it more than Different than installing with the CD I will admit It was much faster then using the CD's also Unsupervised install but there wasn't alot installed a mere 1.83 gigs were transfered from the DVD to the machine If I remember the cd transfered about 3 to 4 gigs and had a choice between KDE and GNOME I am not a fan of KDE the icons are too big.
Tonight I am going to Try Knoppix and also try Suse CD Install.
Thanks y'all If its not too much trouble I would like some input and some opinions on this matter.
You all have a good day,

Re: Opinions on linux and what Distros to get... 11 years 8 months ago #21624

Check those 2 out and see were that gets you for wi-fi.

As far as the live cd not working....I had no trouble with it when I got it last week. Ran with no trouble.

Let us know what you end up doing
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