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TOPIC: Untraceable - The movie.

Untraceable - The movie. 11 years 1 month ago #24962

Has anyone seen this movie? I was not a huge fan of it on any level, but I was wondering about the "tech" involved in it.

I do not know a great deal about DNS on a large scale, but couldn't the entry be blocked by all ISPs or the top-level DNS servers? I know in the movie that he was changing his IP address and using proxies, but that only matters after the DNS=>IP mapping, correct?

Re: Untraceable - The movie. 11 years 1 month ago #24965

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IT in movies ... Total waste of time. It's never realistic. Never try to reason out any IT you've seen in a movie.

Re: Untraceable - The movie. 11 years 1 month ago #24968

I know that. If it makes you feel better, you can pretend it wasn't in a movie AND I still have the question.

Re: Untraceable - The movie. 11 years 1 month ago #24972

The short answer.. Yes, you could pull the DNS plug on a domain if you go far enough up the line.


I'm with DaLight on this one. I've seen a number of clips, and have a big chunk of the script that relates to the "tech", and its a bad idea to discuss real life facts in that context. BECAUSE there are completely incorrect statements treated as fact and other "facts" are built upon them.. AND the very situation contradicts itself. Its MADDENING!!

Keep the facts separate.. someone else might read this.

Re: Untraceable - The movie. 11 years 1 month ago #24973

How about I change my question then? To settle you fact/fiction movie freaks down...

If the Gov't/ISPs wanted to stop access to, could this be done? Even if the person in charge of the web server changes the IP address, if you take the DNS entry out, it will still fail, correct?

Re: Untraceable - The movie. 11 years 1 month ago #24986

I'm usually not so adamant about this kind of thing, but this movie is just absolutely insane. And it earnestly tries to look authentic.

Yes, all you need to do is get the record for that domain changed/removed in the 12 most popular root nameserver and you should be golden.

NOTE...Changes take time, most servers use a cached list not the actual, and only update it periodically.(some may take as long as 2 days) Same goes for removing.
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