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TOPIC: Useful show commands.

Useful show commands. 9 years 6 months ago #32348

I keep a list of Show commands I really like:

sh spanning-tree det | i ieee|occur|from |is exec
This will show you all your vlans and how long since they have converged
show int | i line protocol| Desc|rxload|drops|Internet
This is just the show inteface command with all the stuff I care about

show ver | i memory|uptime|file is
Show version without all the extra cisco crab

show ip int brief | e down
This will only show interface that are up.

show run | i interface|address
Just a list of all configured interfaces/vlans and there ip address

show ip bgp neighbors | i remote AS|BGP state
Good for getting a feel for BGP neighbors and how long they have been up.

sh cdp neighbors detail | i Interface|Device|address
All Cdp Neighbors, there ip address and interfaces.

Do you guys have any favorits? Share?

Re: Useful show commands. 9 years 6 months ago #32353

In troubleshooting some of our VoIP issues at the office, I find the following show commands very useful.

show voice call summary
Used to verify the call status for all voice ports.

show controller
For T1 connections, this command is used to verify that the controller is up and that no alarms exist. This command will also show information about clock sources and other controller settings.

show voice port summary
Used to identify port numbers of voice interfaces on the router.

show call history voice
This will show the contents of the call history table. Used with | brief will display more specific results.



Re: Useful show commands. 9 years 6 months ago #32355

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more system:running-config
Shows you the PSK's in the configuration. I always forget those ^^;;
(only works on ASA's and newer IOS routers)
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Re: Useful show commands. 9 years 5 months ago #32711

Favorite show commands, huh? lol.. i always liked..

sh run (that's the best one!)

i do like "sh ip protocols" too..

Oh yeah, and "wr erase". :-)
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Re: Useful show commands. 8 years 11 months ago #34352

Bringing this old thread back alive...

sh contr serial 0 | i DTE|DCE
Will show you whether a serial interface has a DCE or DTE end of a cable plugged into it...without the other clutter

sh ver | i MAC
Will show a switch's MAC address

... 8 years 11 months ago #34353

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my farourite, debug. It does create a bit more pressure on the cpu when it's active in any of it's individual flavours. But in moderation. this is a great command to check proper functioning of anything.
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