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TOPIC: Bandwidth Monitoring

Re: Bandwidth Monitoring 15 years 2 months ago #2969


LoL, You are right!

I am not good at cisco, but beware; I know that they can configure it to log stuff on to a remote syslogd machine. Correct me, if I am wrong, please!

sssshhh, play safe ;)

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Re: Bandwidth Monitoring 15 years 2 months ago #2976

Lets be practical...
If this is a common situation, it probably went something like this --
You ask some WAN provider to give you a connection, they send a team over to setup the router and then password protect it so you can't access it.. the guys who set it up are more concerned trying to fit it into your network than into thinking about syslog.... they are unlikely to have a syslog server for each client they provide a router to.. and even if they do, there is almost no chance that they check those logs at all (lets face it, routers generate very boring logs)..

So maybe you have a syslog server configured on your end.. that makes your life even simpler.. if you have access to the box, stop the syslog daemon for a couple of minutes.. if you dont have access to the box, synflood the syslog daemon for a bit :) Even if you dont... you know who handles the box in your company and you know whether they check their syslog logs...

Thus you can say its improbable that their is any logging being done, and if their is, it is highly improbable that anyone even checks the logs... even if someone does check the logs... the chances of them noticing something is wrong are not in their favour as you're not doing anything that will affect the routers operation in any way and they will not approach those logs *looking* for something...

I mean its a router... why would anyone possibly be interested in it ;) hehe
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Re: Bandwidth Monitoring 11 years 11 months ago #22200

can we shape bandwidht on cisco 2600 also ? I read the above post and confusied little, plz explaing somebody
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Re: Bandwidth Monitoring 11 years 10 months ago #22369

Can you sniff the switchport that the 2600 is cabled to? You can also use "arp poisoning" software in order to get all traffic off of the 2600 to route via your device (desk/laptop) and monitor your device for bandwith util. However don't forget to do the conversion between 10/100/1000M and whatever the WAN speed is on the WIC of the router when reporting/graphing.

Be carefull you could actually be executing a DOS on your own device if traffic is high enough (as well as slowing your network down considerably.) Some cisco devices will pause backplane/dataplane communication if traffic levels (buffers) get high/full enough. This will cause alot of packetloss and cause retransmits which will exacerbate the situation.
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