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TOPIC: Cisco Catalyst 3550 VLAN Routing

Re: Cisco Catalyst 3550 VLAN Routing 12 years 11 months ago #9476

Have you checked to make sure that the routing tables for the VLAN's that are unable to communicate with the sonicwall router have the correct routing information needed to reach the router? Perhaps you could dump your config for us, or just list the jist of it, if you are still having the issues. It helps to have the configuration when it comes to troubleshooting complexities such as vlan routing issues...

Re: Cisco Catalyst 3550 VLAN Routing 12 years 11 months ago #9477

I tried to route vlan2 to the sonicwall, but I did not do it correctly. Chris has given me what should be the correct routing command:

ip route

This is similar to what you are talking about cybersorcerer, correct?

I screwed up that command using a command similar to:
ip route

I will let you all know if this helps tomorrow.

Thank you so much for your responses. I am a newly graduated Electrical Engineer trying to learn quickly about networking.

Re: Cisco Catalyst 3550 VLAN Routing 12 years 11 months ago #9478

No, I am talking about listing the output you recieve from the multitude of "show" commands such as:

show ip route
show ip protocol
show interface brief(useful for the inteface(s) connected to the router)
show running-conf
show ip <insert routing protocol here>

and the list goes on. These really help the troubleshooting process and as a cisco engineer, I have no idea what I would do without them. Good luck.

Re: Cisco Catalyst 3550 VLAN Routing 12 years 11 months ago #9484

#ip route

The above command assumes your 3550's VLAN1 interface has IP Address and your VLAN2 network is

I tried the command in the form that you mentioned. When using the 3550s VLAN1 interface IP an error occurred:
"Invalid next hop address (it's this router)"

Did you mean this another way?

Re: Cisco Catalyst 3550 VLAN Routing 12 years 11 months ago #9485

For simplicity sake, and for our testing, I have connected a Linksys router feeding a Cisco 3550.

I am having the same outcome, I can ping the linksys from VLAN1, not from VLAN2.

I couldn't get the routing command chris mentioned to work, and as jwj suggested I have forced the port coming in from the linksys to 802.1Q trunk which did not help either.

I will keep testing this some today.

Re: Cisco Catalyst 3550 VLAN Routing 12 years 11 months ago #9489

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Time to nail this thread :)

Lotus-eater, the following diagram contains all the information you need to get things working:

For 3550
- IP Routing is enabled
- Interface VLAN1 is enabled and has IP Address
- Interface VLAN2 is enabled and has IP Address
- When you create VLAN2 and assign an IP Address, ensure you give the 'no shutdown' command at the interface level
- Static default route to
- All links on the Catalyst are access links, trunk links are not required

For PC1
- Gateway is

For PC2
- Gateway is

For Router:
- Static route entry for network via
- Default route entry to your ISP ( assuming the router connects to the Internet)

Optional: DHCP . We can take a look at this later on:)

So there you have it - let us know how it went!

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