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TOPIC: Cisco 3560 question vlans

Cisco 3560 question vlans 13 years 2 months ago #12730

It's been sometime since i've been able to play with these switches but i'm back to it and having a bit of a problem. I'll do my best to explain:
Catalyst 3560G
VLANs I want to assign VLAN100 and VLAN200

I’m assigning as the IP address for the switch when I first configure it and by default the IP address is assigned to VLAN1. After I create VLAN100 and VLAN200 if I try to use 192.168.1.anything for VLAN100 I get a configuration error stating that address overlaps VLAN1. I’m unsure how to separate the management VLAN from VLAN100. I could assign the management VLAN a range like, then it wouldn’t be a problem, but I would have to change the ip address of my machine each time I wanted to administer the devices. Is there a way to use for the administration address and still use the network for my VLAN100?


Re: Cisco 3560 question vlans 13 years 2 months ago #12731


You wanto to route the traffic between 2 vlans configured in the same switch.

if it is a layer 3 device you can route it withing the switch simply adding the global config command:

switch(config) ip routing

then you must aplly and ip addres for vlan 1, and another one for vlan 2, obvisuly, you must use one separate network for each vlan (thats why when you entered the ip addrees that is within one vlan overlapps the other vlan)

remember that each vlan is a separate broadcast domain, so for each vlan you must setup one network or subnet.

so the only machine that rouets between vlans is the router or a layer 3 switch.

you can use whatever you want, if you use an external router, the switch port that is attached to the router must be in trunking mode.

int the router you must setup two subinterfaces in the physical ethernet interface, (one for each vlan), and then you can start routing traffic between vlans, avoding the need to each time change the ip address of your machine.

salute ! :twisted:
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