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Understanding Deduplication. Complete Guide to Deduplication Methods & Their Impact on Storage and VM Backups

Posted in Virtualization & VM Backup

data deduplication process vm backupWhen considering your VM backup solution, key features such as deduplication are incredibly important. This is not simply from a cost perspective but also an operational one. While is it true that deduplication of your backup data can have considerable cost savings for your business, it is also true that the wrong type of deduplication can often have negative performance and contribute to a negative end-user experience.

This article will explore the various deduplication types including general Inline Deduplication and Altaro’s Augmented Inline Deduplication for your VM Backup Storage. We'll also cover deduplication concerns such as software interoperability, disk wear, performance and other important areas. Let's now take a look at what’s covered:

Deduplication Basics

In fundamental terms, deduplication is the process of minimizing the amount of physical storage required for your data. In this article, we are using your VM backups as the data subject.

While physical storage costs are improving year on year, storage is still a considerable cost for any organization which is why deduplication techniques are being included into common data handing products such as backup software for your Virtual Machines.

There are various forms of deduplication available and it’s imperative to understand each one as all of them have various cost-saving vs performance trade-offs.

File-Based Deduplication

FREE Webinar - Fast Track your IT Career with VMware Certifications

Posted in Virtualization & VM Backup

Everyone who attends the webinar has a chance of winning a VMware VCP course (VMware Install, Config, Manage) worth $4,500!

Climbing the career ladder in the IT industry is usually dependent on one crucial condition: having the right certifications. If you’re not certified to a specified level in a certain technology used by an employer, that’s usually a non-negotiable roadblock to getting a job or even further career progression within a company. Understanding the route you should take, and creating a short, medium, and long term plan for your certification goals is something everyone working in the IT industry must do. In order to do this properly you need the right information and luckily, an upcoming webinar from the guys at Altaro has you covered!

Fast Track your IT Career with VMware Certifications is a free webinar presented by vExperts Andy Syrewicze and Luke Orellana on November 20th outlining everything you need know about the VMware certification world including costs, value, certification tracks, preparation, resources, and more.

Free vmware certification webinar

In addition to the great content being discussed, everyone who attends the webinar has a chance of winning a VMware VCP course (VMware Install, Config, Manage) worth $4.5k! This incredible giveaway is open to anyone over the age of 18 and all you need to do to enter is register and attend the webinar on November 20th! The winner will be announced the day after the webinar via email to registrants.

VMware VCP Certification is one of the most widely recognized and valued certifications for technicians and system administrators today however the hefty price tag of $4.5k puts it out of reach of many. The chance to get this course for free does not come along every day and should definitely not be missed!

Register NOW for the webinar and VCP Giveaway

6 Key Areas to Consider When Selecting a VM Backup Solution

Posted in Virtualization & VM Backup

vm backup considerationsBackup and Disaster recovery are core considerations for any business with an IT footprint, whether that is on-premises or in the cloud.

Your business depends on reliable IT systems to support the business's core functions. Even a short 1-hour outage can cause considerable disruption and have a financial impact to the business. Given our ever-growing reliance on IT systems, it is important more than ever to choose the right VM Backup software for your business to protect your Virtual Infrastructure (Vmware, Hyper-V) and business data in the case of a system failure or security incident while at the same time provide fast individual file or folder, server database or entire VM restoration.  

By utilizing Altaro VM Backup as a case study, this article will guide you through the following main 6 areas which you should consider when choosing your VM Backup solution:

How to Fix Palo Alto Firewall “Error: Image File Authentication Error – Failed to Load Into Software Manager” error during PAN-OS Software Download

Posted in Palo Alto Firewalls

palo alto firewall software upgrade errorKeeping your Palo Alto Firewall up to date with the latest PAN-OS software updates is an important step to ensure your organization is protected against the PAN-OS latest software vulnerabilities, software bugs but at the same time take advantage of Palo Alto’s latest security enhancements and capabilities.

While Palo Alto Networks makes the software upgrade process an easy task, sometimes problems can occur. One frequently seen issue is the “Error: Image File Authentication Error – Failed to Load into Software Manager” error when trying to download a new software image.

This error can occur on a standalone or HA-Pair Firewall configuration:

palo alto firewall image file authentication error

Additional technical articles are available in our Palo Alto Firewall Section.

How to Fix the 'Image File Authentication Error'

How to Test for SQL Injection Attacks & Vulnerabilities

Posted in Web Application Vulnerability Scanners

scanning for sql injection vulnerabilitiesSQL injection vulnerabilities have held the first spot on the OWASP Top 10 list for quite some time. This is due to the fact that they are both still widespread and can lead to very serious consequences. Many major security breaches were caused by SQL injections, even in recent months. For example, this type of vulnerability caused a leak of financial data for more than 70 percent of citizens of Bulgaria.

However, SQL vulnerabilities are also easy to discover automatically using web vulnerability scanners. Advanced web security scanning software like Acunetix can detect even the more advanced type of SQL injections such as blind SQL injections. SQL injections are also easy to fix and avoid. Developers can use parameterized queries (prepared statements) or stored procedures to avoid the root cause of SQL injections, which is the direct use of untrusted user input in SQL queries.

In this article, we will show you how to scan your web applications for SQL injections using the latest version of Acunetix. The scan will be performed on the VulnWeb site by Acunetix, which is intentionally vulnerable to attacks. The article assumes that you have downloaded and installed the Acunetix demo.

Here is an overview of what we’ve got covered:

Free Download - Web Application Vulnerability and Network Scanner


Cisco Routers

  • SSL WebVPN
  • Securing Routers
  • Policy Based Routing
  • Router on-a-Stick

VPN Security

  • Understand DMVPN
  • GRE/IPSec Configuration
  • Site-to-Site IPSec VPN
  • IPSec Modes

Cisco Help

  • VPN Client Windows 8
  • VPN Client Windows 7
  • CCP Display Problem
  • Cisco Support App.

Windows 2012

  • New Features
  • Licensing
  • Hyper-V / VDI
  • Install Hyper-V


  • File Permissions
  • Webmin
  • Groups - Users
  • Samba Setup